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We all love to have that perfect smile which most of us lack due to various dental defects. Not every person is blessed with flawless and naturally beautiful teeth. However, with today’s
modern technology, having a perfect set of flawlessly beautiful teeth is not a dream anymore. Whether you have naturally defective teeth or want to correct those minor imperfections
caused due to damages, there are many innovative dental procedures that provide solutions to all your cosmetic dental problems.

Lumineers® are one of the most popular, modern dental procedures that most people choose to treat cosmetic dental problems. If you do not want to experience the pain or waiting time
associated with the traditional veneers, then Lumineers® could be the right option for you. We welcome you to call Congress Dental Group at (617) 574-8700 to make your appointment with
Dr. Robert Page and learn more about Lumineers® in Boston, Massachusetts.

Lumineers® is an incredibly thin (approximately 0.2 mm) veneer that is placed on the front side of your tooth. They are made of a patented Cerinate porcelain material that can only be
applied by Lumineers®-certified dentists. This procedure gives you natural, beautiful, and permanently white smile that you have always wanted. Lumineers® can be compared to contact
lenses. They fit your teeth as naturally and perfectly as contact lenses fit your eyes. They are applied to correct several dental imperfections. The procedure is very less time-taking
when compared to traditional veneers.

Lumineers® are used to correct a wide range of dental imperfections. Anyone who is dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth can consider Lumineers®. This dental procedure can
correct various defects and enhance the appearance of your chips, gaps, discolorations, stains and many more. If you are simply not satisfied with the appearance of your teeth due to any
dental imperfection, you can opt for Lumineers® after consulting your Boston dentist.

Most people confuse Lumineers® with porcelain veneers. Here are few important points that distinguish Lumineers® from porcelain veneers:

  • Unlike porcelain veneers, Lumineers® application does not involve drilling the tooth structure. You can correct your dental flaws without affecting the natural structure of your
  • Lumineers® application is absolutely painless, and you will not have to experience numbing.
  • The procedure is very simple and does not require as many sessions as in the case of porcelain veneers. This way, you can save your time and get that perfect smile soon on your face.
  • Lumineers® are guaranteed to maintain structural integrity for over 20 years. Hence, they are more durable than porcelain veneers and totally worth every penny you invest.

As mentioned above, Lumineers® is an absolutely painless procedure. If you are considering a smile makeover, there is no better dental procedure than Lumineers®. It gives durable, strong,
permanent, and more natural results which will also help you maintain your overall oral health.

Our Lumineers®-certified dentists are experienced and highly skilled. No matter what your dental concern is, we are here to provide the best Lumineers® application services in Boston. We
offer super thin and translucent Lumineers® that are specially designed and made to fit your needs.

Contact our office today for more information about Lumineers® and to schedule your consultation with our talented and experienced dentists.